Saturday, January 9, 2010

EDS....don't it make my brown eyes blue?

I had a very Blue Christmas. Not to worry though, my emotional state was not the cause. On Christmas Eve I hurried to the hardware store to purchase salt in preparation for the blizzard that was about to hit Kansas City. Unfortunately a very thin layer of ice had covered the parking lot. My left foot hit the ice as I exited my Jeep and in a split second I was on the ground outside my car. My arm and head taking most of the blow from the car door and then the running board before I came to rest on the icy concrete. Oy!! The bruise on my right arm was a crowd stopper. Deep purple, blue, and green stretching from my tricep past my elbow and onto my forearm. After numerous x-rays and a CT scan the Dr. proclaimed me fortunate to not have broken anything. He did, however, find another piece of the Ehlers Danlos puzzle. The whites of my eyes were a faint blue. Blue Sclerae is often found in EDS. I always loved Crystal Gayle.

Don't it make my brown eyes blue? oooooh ooooh Don't it make my brown eyes blue?