Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Be nice! Or I will blog about it!

Dear health care professionals........

You have chosen a profession in the health care field.
You have chosen to work with patients.
Patients are not the enemy.

Patients are people.

People faced with diseases, disorders, syndromes,and ailments.
People who are sick, wounded, hurting, and broken.
People who are frightened,nervous, confused, sad, and vulnerable.
People that have turned to you for help.

Your patients expect you to be knowledgeable, confident, and curious.
Not arrogant and dismissive.

Patients are people.

People with their own truth.
Do not presume to know it.
Do not make negative assumptions about their behavior.
Please ask questions.
That needy, sensitive, and overly emotional patient could have been beaten, abused,
molested, or raped.
You do not know her truth.
You can do your job effectively and remain mindful of the human spirit that resides inside a damaged body.
Or...you can fix the body and damage the spirit.
It is your choice.
Your choice to work with kindness.
Your choice to work with patience.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

EDS....don't it make my brown eyes blue?

I had a very Blue Christmas. Not to worry though, my emotional state was not the cause. On Christmas Eve I hurried to the hardware store to purchase salt in preparation for the blizzard that was about to hit Kansas City. Unfortunately a very thin layer of ice had covered the parking lot. My left foot hit the ice as I exited my Jeep and in a split second I was on the ground outside my car. My arm and head taking most of the blow from the car door and then the running board before I came to rest on the icy concrete. Oy!! The bruise on my right arm was a crowd stopper. Deep purple, blue, and green stretching from my tricep past my elbow and onto my forearm. After numerous x-rays and a CT scan the Dr. proclaimed me fortunate to not have broken anything. He did, however, find another piece of the Ehlers Danlos puzzle. The whites of my eyes were a faint blue. Blue Sclerae is often found in EDS. I always loved Crystal Gayle.

Don't it make my brown eyes blue? oooooh ooooh Don't it make my brown eyes blue?