Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thanks Pharrell !

     I have been meaning to post some thoughts on the healing powers of music for awhile now. But today is the day I was motivated to actually do it. Motivated by the song Happy written by  Pharrell Williams. As I sang along in my jeep this morning, I wondered if Pharrell had any idea the happiness and healing he is bringing into the world...and the soldier of joy he has become.  More than the numerous awards on his shelf, he is making the world a better place.
      Music is one of the few things that, while immersed in it, can take away my pain. There's science behind it. But I will not bore you or myself with what a Harvard study proved to be true in 1982. I write what I know. I know this to be true. Music that touches your heart or brings you joy is a very powerful thing. For those wonderful and magical few moments, the pain drifts away on a catchy chorus, brilliant lyric or a beautiful note.
     A special thanks to some of my favorite musical healers.

Patsy Cline- Lyle Lovett-Janelle Monae-Amber Rubarth-Iris Dement
Raul Malo- Don Williams-Rex Hobart- Paul Thorn-Louis Prima-Dinah Washington-
Patti Page-Bob Walkenhorst-Jeff Porter-BR549-Benny Goodman-Bruno Mars-
Chatham County Line-Wanda Jackson