Tuesday, October 25, 2016

stimulating conversation

 For those dealing with mastocytosis the list of foods and circumstances that can trigger an
allergic reaction changes from day to day. Mast cells multiply with each flare and before you know it
you are reacting today to something you were fine with yesterday.  I almost offed myself with a plum not long ago. Death by plum would not have been my choice.
  My most recent allergic reaction was so unusual I thought I should take the time to share it.  While having an MRI on my left ankle I started to feel my nerves react in a popping sort of fashion. My throat became sore too but I didn't make the connection until I was in my car and looked in the mirror. Splotches covered my face and my tongue had swollen. Luckily, there was a grocery store nearby and I chugged an entire bottle of Benadryl in the aisle before even paying for it. Who knew that an MRI could trigger an allergic reaction ? Not me!!  For those of you who read this and are not convinced that it was the MRI that triggered my attack.....I give you exhibit B.  Last Thursday I had my 11th knee surgery. Due to the fragility of my vascular system, nerve blocks  are my sedation of choice. No IV medication. Wide awake with a numb leg. In order to locate the nerves, the anesthesiologist has to stimulate the nerves.
Yep. You guessed it. I had an allergic reaction........ I rest my case.

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