Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post op Ellen

I have a lot of information to share about my most recent surgery last Tuesday June 11,2013.
The amazing Dr. Fraser Henderson performed a brain decompression and stabilization along with some other housekeeping he felt was needed while he was poking around in my head.
But before I post all of the informative details, I want to share a fun story with you all.

While in post-op, I had a very kind nurse named Ellen assigned to me. She handled the fact that I projectile vomited on her like a true champ. This was not just an ordinary spew...not the kind they give you that little kidney shaped pink plastic tray for "just in case" a word, it was epic.
The amount of liquid that introduced itself from the depths of my stomach into the post-op
activity was over the if from the imagination of a first year film SNL skit....or
pardon my predictability....The Exorcist. Trust me. It was right up there. Orange in color, nice arc,
good distance, and peak saturation of Ellen and me and my bedding. Like the pro that she is, Ellen changed me and my bedding with speed and gentle understanding. She simply said "happens all the time"- So, thanks to Nurse Ellen at Doctors Community Hospital in Maryland. You are a rock star!

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